Goldfishes automatically verifies
measurement and analysis of web data
to help you optimize web usage.

Daily Statistics

Collect efficient data along every point of user engagement daily.

Advanced Consultancy

One-to-one monthly consultancy on analytical techniques, methods, and advice deployed to improve productivity and optimization.


Easy software installation for your website. Prompt support included.

automated aNALYTICS

Desktop, laptop, and mobile visitor statistics emailed automatically everyday.


ReadY to analyse?

You’re so-fish-ticated!


✅Increase productivity in work presentations and meetings
✅Everyday your analytics sent to you
✅Easy to understand analytics
✅Decrease staffing expenditure
✅Increase market share
✅Determine where your best visitors are located
✅Decrease unnecessary marketing expenses
✅Learn what people are searching for on your website

Goldfishes software greatly reduces business expenditure. There’s no longer any argument that without data and analytics, companies would be all at the bottom of the pond when it comes to driving their marketing initiative. 

Goldfishes gives you the data needed to engaging customers and adding value to their experience will keep your brand at the front of their minds. 

Goldfishes automatic analytics helps ecommerce websites study the users’ behavior and determine how their site should be structured based on a users preferencing leading to increase sales.

If you’re looking to improve the efficiency of your business, it’s very important to rely on professional analytics solutions. Goldfishes is the first automated analytics tool whose purpose is to verify web data analysis and measure it to ensure you have adequate non-complicated web usage optimization.

Goldfishes #1 Software

Frequently asked questions

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Goldfishes® software triggers data on a regular basis. Goldfishes is executed when a user visits the webpage. Goldfishes collects all the user headers and IP information and profiles the data in the database. Goldfishes is easy to use, reliable, and cost-effective. Our monthly one-to-one consultancy can positively impact your marketing and your user engagement. 

Our fees are monthly. Fees will vary depending on the website. We have always prided being upfront in relation to fees, providing a fixed price based on review of the website. Contact us for a fixed price.

The short answer is: It depends. Quality built websites should have no issues with Goldfishes®. Many of our clientele have websites built on Magento, WordPress, and Joomla use our software.

Goldfishes can give no guarantee of a return of investment. 

Yes. Goldfishes will increase your optimization. Achieving the utmost productivity and the best use of results with the combined outcome of your efforts you cannot begin to optimize until you take the time time to observe, examine, and identify all the options Goldfishes offers.

If you’re looking to improve the efficiency of your business, it’s very important to rely on professional analytics solutions. Goldfishes is the first automated analytics tool whose purpose is to verify web data analysis and measure it to ensure you have adequate web usage optimization. The main role of this Goldfishes automated analytics tool is to better understand your business and provide you with the right insights regarding what you can improve and what’s going very well.

The reason why this software is called Goldfishes is because it’s known goldfish actually recalls memories for at least a month, and they are quick learners. The app itself follows that approach, and it gives you daily statistics as well as comprehensive reports based on what it learned about your business. You have daily statistics which are automatically collected along with every user engagement information.

Additionally, Goldfishes also has automated functionality to send emails and it also comes with a very easy to install plugin. As a part of this package, you also receive a one to one consultancy service every month. Here you can talk about analytical methods and techniques, but also ways you can improve optimization and productivity.

One of the main advantages you get from Goldfishes automated analytics is that you receive analytics on a daily basis. Not only that, but the analytics are very easy to understand and outlined in a great, efficient manner. To make things even better, this allows you to lower the staffing expenditure, while also identifying user location, figuring out what systems work for you and what you can improve.

It’s also a great tool if you want to remove those unnecessary marketing expenses as well. Another useful solution is the fact that you can learn what people are searching for on your website, and that can make it easier to optimize the user experience.

Goldfishes automated analytics is the first automated analytics platform, it’s fast, reliable and extremely easy to adapt to your needs. It’s more important than ever to ensure you have actionable data that can help your business, and this tool delivers on its promise. It’s the ultimate data analytics system that’s fully automated and which informs you about your business every single day. It’s well worth giving it a try, especially if you want a fast, professional analytics system. 


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